Digital x Dallas (Digital by Dallas), a quarterly event with three main goals:
1. Provide a low cost learning experience for local digital marketers, businesses, and tech workers.
2. Provide a place where local marketers can gain experience speaking to crowds.
3. Raise funds for a local charity.

Digital x Dallas will accomplish our goals by working with the various meetup groups and running blind selection on our speakers. All presentations will be video recorded and uploaded to our video channels and live streamed over our website. We’ll keep the cost of attendance low but ask that viewers and attendees donate to the charity we selected and to our operational budget. All of our finances will be completely transparent on our website.

Here is our founding principles that we’ll live and breathe by.
1. Transparency – We’ll be 100% transparent as to how much money we collect and where that money is spent (in broad categories). Our goal is to donate almost everything if not all of the money to the local charity we pledge to support for each event.
2. Charity – We’ll select 1 charity for each quarterly event. We’ll donate all ticket sales to this charity and encourage online viewers to donate money as well.
3. Ease of Access – We’ll keep ticket prices low to allow more people to attend and contribute and distribute materials online via our website, live streaming, and on demand videos.
4. Blind Selection – Before selecting speakers for an event the names will be removed from a pitch and we’ll select speakers only on the merit of their pitch and fit of the topic. (not keynotes)
5. Open – We’ll be open and honest about everything we do and encourage input from all attendees.
6. Cooperative – We’ll work to cooperate with large national conferences, not compete with them, to help promote our outstanding speakers and talent and help the national conference grow.
7. Really Cooperative – We’ll work to promote the wide array of meetup groups in the area, blogs, slide decks, and videos to help professionals continue to learn and grow.
8. Non-biased – We’ll work hard to stay fair and give ample opportunities for all when it comes to selecting keynote speakers.

Let’s build something beautiful together Dallas. Let’s do something we can all be proud of.
Let’s do something good.

Joe Youngblood

Joseph Youngblood


Joe started building websites at the age of 14 in 1994. Early on he joined online business and marketing groups, chat rooms, discussion boards, and forums accessing the internet from his parent's home in rural Kansas to learn business tactics, marketing, and HTML.

Since then he's built numerous websites on his own and developed and managed websites for hundreds of clients across the country helping them achieve their goals. Joe graduated from University of Texas at Arlington in 2010 with a Bachelor's of Science in Marketing and has spent his time since then speaking at conferences around the country, giving guest lectures at universities, and served on the board of directors for the local non-profit group DFWSEM.

David Woolf


David is an experienced Marketing Consultant who has created and executed strategies and programs for many companies, including:
Ralph Lauren, The May Company, Neiman-Marcus, Clorox, Mother's Cookies, Borden Foods, Wendy's, Hughes, Northrup Grumman, Cunard Cruise Line, City of Salzburg (Austria), Savoy Hotel (London), USPS, Mueller Inc., Cinemark Theaters, Kroger, Radio Shack, Tandy Leather, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Curtis 1000, Wendy's, American Flyers, Hughes, Northrup Grumman, American Flyers, and Thistle Hotels (UK) as well as many regional and local businesses.