We Have Selected Our First Charity

Digital by Dallas isn’t just a great event where thought leaders in the digital business industry here in DFW tell inspiring and informative stories, it’s also a place for us to help bring awareness to local charities.

Each one of our events will donate 100% of the ticket sales to a local charity. For our first event we’re pleased to announce that The Digital Career Center has accepted to be part of this amazing night and will be the beneficiary of our event.

The Digital Career center is a new non-profit in the area founded by The Vine Foundation, a 501(3)c charity. The non-profit offers career training, tech hardware, and career advisement to help people who might otherwise struggle get into the digital business industry. It is their hope that this will aid people in supporting their families, being happier, and gaining employment in a career they can enjoy.

The DCC is currently distributing donated laptops to students enrolled in the program along with a specialized training course on basic Microsoft Office skills. While recently founded the group hopes to have 1,000 people from North Texas enrolled in their laptop and education program by the end of their first year.

We couldn’t be happier to partner with The Digital Career Center for this event. You can learn more about them on their website at www.TheDCC.org

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