Full Speaker Lineup for Digital by Dallas: First

We’re ecstatic to announce our 4 speakers at Digital by Dallas: First. This event will be filled with knowledge on hiring, management, and how to leverage digital mediums and digital marketing to improve your business. Our 4 speakers have experiences in startups, management, design, marketing, social media, non-profits, seo, and various other areas. If you work for a digital business, own your own business, work in digital marketing, or are a marketing student this is a must attend event. Get your tickets now for just $10 and you’ll get a free parking pass if you order before April 18th. Quantity is limited and selling fast: CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKET NOW

Eric McGehearty

Talk: Modifying Motivation: How Truly Great Organizations Engage Their Workforce

eric mcgehearty photo

Title: CEO, Globrunner SEO

About: Eric is a man of numerous talents. The CEO of GlobeRunner, an Addison TX based SEO and PPC firm, Eric has served on the board of the non-profit organization DFWSEM and served as the group’s vice president for multiple years. Eric is also an award-winning sculptor who holds a Masters in Fine Arts degree from the University of North Texas in Denton. He once held the position of Public Art Coordinator for the city of Dallas and his sculptures have been exhibited across the United States. Most importantly though, Eric has created a great agency who’s talented team includes one of the most well-known and highly regarded SEO’s in the region, Bill Hartzer, among a cadre of other talented marketers. When Eric isn’t using his skills to create new sculptures he is sculpting and growing his incredible team. Eric will discuss how he engages his workforce, lessons he’s learned, and the processes he uses to keep a team of highly talented digital marketers focused, energized, and working together at a high level.

Website: Globerunnerseo.com

Mary Higbe

Talk: The Terror of Being First

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Title: Director of Digital Marketing, Nerium International

About: Mary was one of the first employees for booming networking marketing company, Nerium International. Since the company was founded in 2011 Mary has climbed through the ranks and experienced a lot of firsts as the company expanded in the number of employees, departments, executives, and customers. As the company continues to grow and expand to other parts of the world she is responsible for helping organize and develop effective strategies for vastly different markets. Mary has given talks to arenas packed with tens of thousands of people helping them understand digital marketing. In her talk at Digital by Dallas though Mary will talk about one of our deepest fears, being first. There’s obviously a terror associated with firsts: first dates, first jobs, first product launch (and second and third and… maybe that’s not a great example). She will address the terror of being first and counter it with the exhilaration and opportunities that come with being the first: ability to innovate, ability to establish yourself/company/brand as a leader, the thrill of seeing copycats try to mimic your every move… Additionally, she will address the pitfalls of being first and how to spin those mistakes in your favor.

Website: Nerium.com

Shelley Ellis

Talk: My First Hiring Experiment – Hiring Serious Gamers With No Industry Experience

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Title: Owner, Shelley Ellis Consulting

About: Shelley has enjoyed a long career in digital advertising and has worked at a few major agencies working on ppc, retargeting ads, and display advertising. She has run her own consulting business since 1999, has sat as a Vice President for a local agency, as well as taught paid search strategies on behalf of Google and Bing. During her career Shelley has gained international recognition as a thought leader and spoken at nearly a dozen conferences helping advertisers, marketers, and business owners navigate the increasingly complex world of digital advertising. Her decades of experience working with clients such as Ritz-Carlton, Coca-Cola, Hallmark, Mary Kay, and Kimberly-Clark have given Shelley numerous challenges, including finding ways to seek out and hire potential new employees that do not posses any current knowledge of the area. Shelley will discuss one such experiment with online gamers who were unaware of how online advertising worked or the nuances one would need to know to be successful in leveraging digital advertising – and how that experiment fared in finding new hires that could be trained.

Website: LinkedIn Profile

Dan Bradley

Talk: When did my words get more valuable than yours?

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Title: Co-Founder, Bullzerk

About: Dan has got his finger on the pulse of the city and his shirts are catching fire all around the metroplex. Founded in 2014 Bullzerk is what Dan likes to call a Hyperlocal Retailer. Dan and his wife Kari keep up with breaking trends in North Texas and then turn those trends into snappy sayings and put them on t-shirts – which then sell like crazy. You might have seen his work on a socialite walking around uptown or someone bar hopping in Deep Ellum. Shirts like “Dallas, it’s what everyone in Dallas is talking about” are at once hilarious and insightful and really appeal to the Dallas market. Dan will discuss how Bullzerk uses digital mediums to create and quickly fill the need of buyers in an emotional purchase which has made Bullzerk one of the top gift shops in the city.

Website: Bullzerk.com

KEYNOTE: Bernadette Coleman

Talk: The First Things You Need to Know About Increasing Awareness, Engagement,‚Äč & Conversions with Mobile Marketing

bernadette coleman headshot

Title: President, AdviceLocal & CEO, Advice Interactive

About: Read our announcement on the keynote presentation by Bernadette here!

Website: AdviceLocal.com

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