The Get Local Speakers Are Awesome

Our last event of 2016 will be on October 24th at SMU. The event, Get Local, will bring in local marketing and business experts to discuss various business marketing tools, techniques, and strategies.
These are emerging leaders in their various areas of focus growing their notoriety in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex and beyond for their talent and skill. This event is designed to help anyone with a locally focused business learn and do better SEO, Branding, and Social Media marketing. Read about our speakers below.


Amoya Edwards

Talk: Getting Local with Influencers

amoya edwards marketer

Title: Senior Account Manager at Social Factor

About: Money can buy a lot of things, however trust unfortunately, isn’t one of them. In today’s social landscape, brands are connecting on deeper, more personal levels with their consumers by leveraging the trusted voice of influencers. Brands are now delivering more “authentic” messages than traditional advertising dollars could ever buy, by partnering with influencers to weave brand messaging into their personal creative content. From product placement on Instagram to sponsored blog posts, big brands are reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers globally. But, how can you tailor this approach for your local business and connect with the right influencers? Amoya Edwards, Sr. Account Manager, Social Factor will provide the blueprint for building a hyper-local influencer marketing strategy to implement for your small business.


Jason Channell

Talk: 5 Steps To An Amazing Local SEO Audit

jason channell local seo

Title: Director of Local SEO at WrightIMC

About: Want to conduct a great local seo audit that tells you the work to be done, and communicates to your client? This talk will show you the key 5 steps to get there and use stories and examples of why these steps are necessary to avoid failure.


Kasia Johnson

Talk: Stand Out Locally With Consistent Branding

kasia johnson founder coo branding

Title: Founder at Merge Forward

About: First impressions count, learn helpful tips to align your personal and business branding. Branding is important to any local businesses marketing strategy.

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW – All ticket proceeds go to a local non-profit here in the Dallas area. So far we’ve raised thousands for great local causes!

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